Music composer, arranger and conductor from Liguria. In 1979 he got his diploma as choir-director in Genoa. Then in order to master his knowledge in composition he studied under Mario Fiorentini's guidance in La Spezia, he also studied piano under Martha del Vecchio in Genoa and orchestra conducting under Bruno Campanella at the Academy of Music in Florence. His compositions were performed in several European and non-European countries among which Brazil (The Chamber Orchestra of Curitiba in 1991, the University Orchestra in Rio de Janerio at the "Cecilia Meireles" Music Hall in 1995, The Orchestra of the Porto Alegre Theatre in 1996); New Zealand (South Pacific Symphony); Japan; Slovenia ("Slovenicum" by Lubiana in 1996); Russia (The Academy of Music Orchestra in St. Petersburg); Romania (The Oradea Symphony Orchestra in 1993 and the Satu Mare Philharmonic Orchestra in 1994, The Bucarest Orchestra of the Musical Youth in 1991); Italy (in 1993 "Solisti di Fiesole"; in 1999 "Modigliani" in Livorno; in 1996 "Filarmonica Mediterranea" in Bari, in 1991 "Piccola Sinfonica" in Milan; in 1997 "Città Lirica" in Pisa; in 1999 "C. A. Mussinelli" in La Spezia "Sinfonica di Sanremo "etc.


He also composed soundtracks for advertising spots for some industries (Italimpianti, Ansaldo e OARN), several documentaries (AIED with the collaboration of Fusako Yusaki; "Cinque Terre sopra e sotto il mare" in 1996; "Le Tavole Eugubine"; "Magra: un fiume di vita" broadcast on RAI 3 Channel in 1999) and signature tunes (from 1982 to 1985 "A come Agricoltura" and "Agricoltura domani" for RAI2 Channel).


Moreover, he worked together with several musical interpreters such as Leo Nucci and Rossana Casale ("Bernstein Memorial" in 1995 and "Tribute to Duke" in 1999), Berislav Sipus ("La coreografia italiana contemporanea" at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan in 1993), Attilio Bertolucci ("Esercizi sul Settembre" in 1991), Flavio Cucchi ("American Portraits" in 1998 and "Musica per un momento…" in 1999), Edoardo Catemario ("Concerto Serenata"), Daniele di Bonaventura, Stefano Bollani ("Tribute to Duke"), Danilo Rea ("I poeti del mare"), PFM ("PFM in Classic"), Adriano Sebastiani, Rudolf Fatyol, Kenny Wheeler, Zagreb Guitar Trio, Marco Lazzara, Daniela Petric, Ernani Aguiar, Quartetto "Lefévre" and Bruno de Franceschi.


Besides, he composed for corporations and festivals among which "Todi Festival" in 1989, "Theatre 2" in Parma in 1990, "Tracce di tracce" in Grosseto in 1996, "Il teatro e il sacro" in Arezzo in 1996, "Volterra Jazz" in 1999 etc. In 1997 The Academy of Leggieri in St. Gimignano dedicated a monographic concert to him performed by the celebrated "Tacitevoci Ensemble", he has been collaborating with for a few years. On November 1997 and on April 1999 he was invited to represent Italy at the two most important festivals in Croazia: "Opatija" and " The Biennial of Contemporary Music" in Zagabria. In this last city his composition "Nòstoi" appeared for the first time and was performed for voices and percussion instruments on lyrics of the Venetian poet Roberto Stradiotto. Since 1999 he has been working as an artistic director for the " C. A. Mussinelli" chamber orchestra in La Spezia. On December 1999 the first performance of "Lucifero e le tentazioni di Cristo", an oratorio for soloists, choir and orchestra took place.


From time working with the Italian film director Luigi M Faccini for which he wrote several scores also participating in the 68th Venice Film Festival in 2011.


His compositions, arrangements and direction of the orchestra are featured on LP and CD Sony Music, Phonogram, Warner, RAI Trade, Arts, Kicco Classic, Mellow Records, Arc - Music, Magma Records, Bongiovanni, Akarma Records, Aereostella, Black Widow, Da Vinci Records and Seacrest Oy.


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